Deserters Are Heroes

Now, if you’ve been overly influenced by Mr. Bush’s clever propaganda, you might declare these deserters “traitors.” But if you haven’t been taken in by the Bush machine, you might call them heroes in the finest tradition of the United States. They are putting their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor at stake to serve the cause of Right rather than the ambitions of the current president.

If you still think Mr. Bush’s war isn’t corrupt, then you didn’t see a different “60 Minutes” report, this one on Dec. 5. In that report, it was revealed that our government is ordering retired servicemen and servicewomen to return to duty, years and years after the end of their terms of enlistment.

Mr. Bush, eager to keep his campaign promise of “no draft,” has taken draconian measures to fill out our military ranks. One of the recalled veterans interviewed on “60 Minutes” was a 55-year-old woman, Margaret Murray, who last served during the Vietnam War. Another was a man, Rick Howell, 47, who was permanently injured in an accident during his 16 years in the Army. He can hardly walk, and he says he can’t carry more than 30 or 40 pounds. He retired from the Army, or so he thought, in 1997. Now, seven years later, the Army is demanding he return.

Deserters Are Heroes

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