Attention, FCC: you’ve got mail

You can also advance this story on your own. If the FCC has time to seriously contemplate whether the Opening Ceremony of the Summer Olympics was “indecent,” then it has more time on its hands than a TV critic. Why not give them something to do. I mean, have you ever seen “Hope & Faith”? Creatively indecent. “Listen Up”? Morally wrong that it’s even on the air.

“The Swan”? Hello?

If everyone else — meaning the Parents Television Council — can complain once and send the shovel-leaners of the FCC on a trip to Greece and back, hell, why not clog the system? As one reader wrote to Powell, leave well enough alone because, hey, you don’t see me complaining about how boring the “7th Heaven” scripts are.

I personally may send a message to Powell asking him to look into “Complete Savages” on ABC. The show was unwatchable the first night and then got a full-season order. That’s not just morally repugnant, it’s almost criminal.

Yo, Mike, “Center of the Universe” is still on television! Jessica Simpson is still singing! Can we send her sister to jail for not singing? You guys can jail people, right?

I see potential here. I see clearly now. It’s no longer Greek to me. Let’s message Mike about it.

Attention, FCC: you’ve got mail

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