Mac mini: More Than Just A Computer?

Tchock writes “Ian Adams theorizes that the new Mac mini, announced on Tuesday at the MacWorld SF keynote, may be more than just a grab for PC market share: “Make no mistake: Apple wants this computer in your living room. Look no further than the Mac Mini’s Accessories page, where an Apple DVI to S-video/composite video converter is only the 6th item listed. Look two rows below that, and you’ll see a device that gives you optical sound output through USB (the Mac Mini already has a headphone output jack on it). Four rows below that? A remote control for your Mac Mini’s media applications. Everything about this computer seems to scream “plug me in to your TV!” Remember when Steve spent an hour of every keynot talking about how the Mac was becoming the digital hub? I don’t know why he’s stopped talking about it, or more importantly building the kinds of things mentioned as add-ons into the Mac. But I want my MacOS Tiger Media Center Edition soon.

Mac mini: More Than Just A Computer?

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