Cartoon madness

So positive was the feedback from the broadcast that the project instantly became the cornerstone of Rodgers’ We Are Family Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes diversity, understanding and multiculturalism. In March, a revised version of the video will resurface when it is sent to 61,000 U.S. elementary schools as part of a campaign designed to demonstrate to children “the importance of togetherness,” while keeping an eye out for those who are “victims of intolerance.” Message to the We Are Family Foundation: Consider yourself the latest victim. Last week, Christian conservatives launched an attack on the video, specifically targeting SpongeBob Sqaurepants, Nickelodeon’s bright yellow superstar who for six years has captivated kids (and grownups) from his modest pineapple digs under the sea.

Short of a perverse aversion to seafood, why on earth would these men carry such an ample supply of venom for the Spongester? Perhaps it’s because SpongeBob occasionally holds hands with Patrick, his starfish buddy, or that the show itself has reportedly become something of a fad among gay adults (sort of like an aquatic Judy Garland).
I didn’t realize that any male who has a male as a best friend and occasionally holds his hand is now gay… I sure hope those Christian conservatives keep their sons as far away from other boys as possible until after they are married!

Cartoon madness

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