The Power of Nightmares

The film also challenges other accepted articles of faith in the so-called war on terror, and documents that much of what we have been told about a centralized, international terrorist threat “is a fantasy that has been exaggerated and distorted by politicans. It is a dark illusion that has spread unquestioned through governments around the world, the security services and the international media
What? The Bush administration making people deathly afraid of something that didn’t actually exist in order to achieve personal objectives? I find that VERY hard to believe!

The Power of Nightmares


Meat Packing Industry Criticized on Human Rights Grounds

For the first time, Human Rights Watch has issued a report that harshly criticizes a single industry in the United States, concluding that the nation’s meat packing industry has such bad working conditions that it violates basic human and worker rights. In a report issued today, Human Rights Watch, often echoing Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle,” found that jobs in many beef, pork and poultry plants were so dangerous that the industry violated international agreements promising a safe workplace.
This is what happens when high school students don’t have to read The Jungle anymore… history repeats itself…

Meat Packing Industry Criticized on Human Rights Grounds


Monsanto Suing Farmers Over Piracy Issues

Monsanto Co.’s “seed police” snared soy farmer Homan McFarling in 1999, and the company is demanding he pay it hundreds of thousands of dollars for alleged technology piracy. McFarling’s sin? He saved seed from one harvest and replanted it the following season, a revered and ancient agricultural practice.
I think Monsanto should have to pay royalties to the farmers who, over the past few thousand years, selectively bred the seeds that Monsanto modified…

Monsanto Suing Farmers Over Piracy Issues


Review: Apple Pages (iWork ’05)

In the interest of sparing you the deadly anticipation, I’ll come out and say it: Pages is not a Microsoft Word killer. In fact, it’s doesn’t even come close to being a full-fledged Microsoft Word replacement. The way I see it, they’re two different products good for two different things. The fact that they both deal with words is simply a technicality. If anything, Pages is more of a combination of Microsoft Word and another member of the Microsoft Office family: Publisher. Microsoft has failed to port Publisher to the Mac for whatever reason (“Grr! I’m Microsoft and I’ll do what I want!”), so there’s a gaping hole in the Office:Mac suite.

Review: Apple Pages (iWork ’05)


Greens Call Bush Social Security Plan ‘A Declaration of War on Working People’

“In his first term, Mr. Bush fabricated an Iraqi crisis, based on a counterfeit reports of WMDs, collusion between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda, and an imminent threat to the U.S. This year, Mr. Bush is relying on manufactured claims of an impending Social Security crisis in order to achieve the long-time Republican goal of dismantling one of our most successful and necessary social programs. By attacking Social Security, President Bush is declaring war on people who work for a living,” added Ms. Haug.

Greens Call Bush Social Security Plan ‘A Declaration of War on Working People’