Bars Test Laws on Gambling With Moneyless Poker Games

As televised tournaments make Hold’em ever more popular and mainstream, Minnesota is one of at least half a dozen states grappling with a new phenomenon: poker games with little more than bragging rights at stake. Law enforcement agencies and liquor commissions in states with lotteries, racetracks and even casinos have arrested bar owners and players in recent months, threatening fines or jail time under statutes that proponents of poker see as anachronistic…. In California, the Department of Justice has declared that even tournaments in which no money is bet require a gaming license – and there is a moratorium on new licenses.
Hmmm, so let me get this straight… Lotteries (where you’re gambling with real money) are fine, but playing poker for fun is immoral?

Bars Test Laws on Gambling With Moneyless Poker Games

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