CBS News Makeover, by Four Kibitzers

What is it about my shows and “American Idol” and “Amazing Race,” which are doing so well in 18-to-34? I think it’s the fact that the audience is not being preached to. What Jon Stewart clearly is doing is conversing with his audience in a humorous way about public affairs. He’s speaking with them. They feel like he’s one of them.

For example, if there were a correspondent on a news show that asked hard questions of the president, as they should, and got kicked out of the White House, I’d love to see them report the next night from outside the gate. It would be like, “Hey, it’s Joe Shmo, and as you know, I’m not allowed in there, but here’s where I’m reporting today.” I’d cut back to him each night until they let him back in. It would galvanize ratings.

CBS News Makeover, by Four Kibitzers

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