Bush Urges Action ‘Now’ On Energy

As Bush spoke, the House began debating an energy bill that includes $8.1 billion in tax breaks, mainly for big energy companies; permits oil drilling in part of Alaska’s wildlife refuge; and provides legal protections to producers of the gasoline additive MTBE, which is blamed for contaminating drinking water.
Let’s see, Bush gives $8.1 billion to his friends in the oil business, allows them to drill for oil in Alaska, and prevents companies from being sued if they contaminate our drinking water. And this weans us off of foreign oil how?

Why don’t we instead take that $8.1 billion and give it as tax breaks for everyone who buys a hybrid car and spend some of it on research into alternate fuel sources.

No, that’d make too much sense… Let’s just give it to Bush’s friends instead…

Bush Urges Action ‘Now’ On Energy

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